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America the Beautiful

As I watched the commercials yesterday interspersed with meaningless football I was caught off guard by the One Beautiful - Coca Cola commercial. My gut reaction was, “How awful!” To be honest I’m still not thrilled with it but before you blast me as a horrible, ignorant person let me explain.

I’m well aware that this country is a huge melting pot of cultures. They are all wonderful and in no way do I think people should come to this country and forget their roots. That would be horrible. Diversity should be celebrated in this nation.

That being said I’ve only ever heard America The Beautiful sung in English and to have it sung in so many different languages just didn’t feel right. Could I get used to hearing it sung differently now that it’s been done? Maybe. Time will only tell how I feel about that.

Until next time…Be Blessed.

#America The Beautiful


Black Friday

Black Friday. Those two little words either make people run to the stores like maniacs or cower in fear at home. I tend to be more of the hide in fear, cuddle deeper in my blankets and wait for the dust to settle. Not that I don’t like a great deal, i do, but heck I’d rather not get decked trying to buy that deal. My advice, go back to the days when shopping was just shopping and if you were lucky enough to catch a great deal, YAY!!! If not, oh well. The Christmas season is too short to spend recovering from a concussion. Listen to a voice of reason!! GO HOME!!! LOL!

#black friday 

Busy Days

As you might have noticed (or maybe not), I haven’t posted in awhile. With the birth of my fifth child life has increased in it’s busyness. As a matter of fact it’s so busy that my usual routines are completely out the door. I seem to remember people used to tell me that after the third kid nothing really phases you. YEAH RIGHT!!!! That is a big fat lie! Every kid, no matter how small they are, when they enter your life adds a new complexity and level of confusion as to totally throw your life out of whack!

Now I’m not complaining because I love each and everyone of my kids, but holy cow, I need a nanny and a maid, STAT! If you know of anyone that is willing to take on the mess that is my home please have them call me. Lol

# busy life #kids #help me

Growing Up

This life we live and I mean all people live is not easy. No matter if your famous or not growing up sucks. We all go through the teenage years with levels of uncertainty and craziness abounds. But growing up in front of cameras has got to suck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making excuses for those kids who make poor choices but seriously I’m so thankful that my bad choices I made didn’t make it out to the general population. These pictures will never fully fade from the public eye. They’ll just get filed away and pulled out later when Miley, Demi, Brittany……. (the list is huge!) makes yet another mistake. I don’t have a great point here just that I really hope some day these girls and even guys that are making headlines right now will be able to pull themselves together and make better choices.

#Miley Cyrus #Demi Lovato #Brittany Spears #choices

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